Soldier kissing girl

Famous photo of kissing

Introduction to Cognitive KissesEdit

This introduction will give a better understanding of why I choose to analyze kissing from a cognition view point. It will briefly describe the word "kiss" and how it is viewed in society.

How It WorksEdit

To start let's look at where the idea of kissing even came from and how the action takes place. I'll give a brief description of which regions of the brain are associated with kissing.

In Social ContextEdit

We will investigate the two social tones when it comes to kissing. I plan to discover why some people are fine and comfortable with the action and why others are so uncomfortable.

In AnimalsEdit

We'll take a look at different animals that also have kissing-like behaviors and characteristics. To go a step further, we will be closely examining this behavior in primates, particularly the Bonobos

In The FutureEdit

Let's take a look at where kissing will stand in the future through new technological advances


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