First Kiss

First Kiss

Why would 20 strangers give consent to kissing someone they've never met?


Disney takes kissing seriously, characters kiss at least once in every movie.

Cognitive Kisses Home

Only 90% of the world knows what kissing is and kisses socially. The other 10% are clueless to the action, and if they ever see it, they may think that it is highly weird/unusually or possibly disgusting. This supports the theory that kissing is a learned behavior. Still, there are many people in the world now that fall in with the 90% of knowers and still find kissing to be quite repulsive. However kissing in my opinion, should be seen as positive when conducted as a sign or expression of love.

Positive Social ViewsEdit

So many people are already comfortable when it comes to kissing. Many parents show affection to their children through a kiss. People also show affection to their friends and significant others with kisses. Above is a video of complete strangers consenting to kiss each one another. We've previously learned where kissing all began and how it was passed on and modified through history. Europeans still greet each other with a kiss today. At some point, kissing became a strong social norm, as seen in the public and media. Majority of people take kissing to be very positive. In fact, kissing has even been made appropriate in cartoons and movies directed towards children. Thanks to many Disney movies, young children now believe that kissing is magical and has the power to change fate and find true love.

Negative Social ViewsEdit

Thomas Edison The Kiss (1896)

Thomas Edison The Kiss (1896)

Many people found this movie to be disgusting.

Many people don't like the idea of kissing. Some see it as disgusting and disrespectful. People especially feel this way when it comes to public displays of affection. The reason for this negative view of kissing can be as a result of people not having proper affection during childhood. Some people also complain when kissing is seen too much in films.

For example, in the 1896 silent film, "The Kiss", was the first film to every show characters kissing. Many audience members reported to be disgusted by the film. It is quite possible that people didn't like the film because it was the first depiction of kissing in film, and it was just all visual. I can only imagine that watching muted kissing scenes from recent movies aren't so great either. Kissing is more than the visual of two lips interlocking. There is more than just the action that goes into a kiss when expressed on film. There's the tear jerking line, the sobbing and gasping before the kissing even takes place. To just see the action can be annoying and seen as unnecessary. That is possibly why many people aren't fans of public displays of affection. The person watching has no idea of the context the kiss is in, all they see are people “swapping spit” in public for all to see.

Now that we know what society thinks about kissing, let's see the role it plays in the animal kingdom .