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Cognitive Kisses HomeEdit

Everyone has seen someone being kissed or have been kissed either by parents, family, lovers or friends. The act of kissing has become so commonly placed in our culture, but how and when did this happen? This site will give a deep analysis of the act of kissing in culture, the brain, and consciousness.

What is kissing?Edit

For the purpose of this project, the word kiss can be defined as "to touch with the lips as a mark of affection or greeting" as well as "to salute or caress one another with the lips. By this definition kissing can be seen as a meme, or pattern of behavior passed on by people socially and not through genetics. In language, kissing or to kiss is known as a verb. It is an action or behavior that takes place between two or more entities. The action of a kiss is ambiguous in its meaning. In the past to now, a kiss has been seen as a sign of affection, respect, friendship, betrayal, passion, greeting, and good luck.  

Sixpence None The Richer - Kiss Me (Official HQ)

Sixpence None The Richer - Kiss Me (Official HQ)

This a song called Kiss Me from a very popular 90's movie called "She's All That".

Why kissing?Edit

When it comes to cognition, I find the idea of kissing very interesting. It is safe to say that the media has slightly increased my current interest in the action. The multitude of songs and movies that involve the behavior has made me question the impact the behavior has on people and society as a whole.

Kids are taught at a very young age how to kiss or respond with kisses. I choose kissing as the topic for my final project because I feel as though, since the behavior is so common, many people don't think about where it started, how it works in relation to brain activity and where the behavior can be seen in other animals. Knowing these things can give a better understanding of the evolution of kissing from past to present. With this information, someone can then begin to think of what the future of kissing will be. These are the goals of the following information about kissing.

First let's start with an idea of how kissing works.