The Future of Making Out? Virtual Kisses and Sex Robots

The Future of Making Out? Virtual Kisses and Sex Robots

Looking forward, it seems there will be an emphasis of kissing on technology.

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It is very weird to think that just as everything else is evolving into more technological advances, kising will as well. With the use of articficial intelligence, kissing won't be something seen in just animals and humans. Even now robots are being formulated as intimate partners. The way kissing seems to just move through the digital age is nerve wrecking. Of couurse, it will be seen as an abnormality to us now, but imagine years from now where robots and humans walk hand in hand showing affection. It freightns me if in the future my child or grandchild brings home a robot as their mate.

Coding KissesEdit


Demonstration of the Kissing Transmission Device.

In 2011, researchers from Japan created a contraption which allows kissing to be coded. The machine is known as the "Kiss Transmission Device". The machine consists of two nodules, similar to a straw. The nodules detect the position of the tongue when users swirl their tongue around the nodules.  This is achieved through motor rotations in the device. I believe that this is just a start to what technology can do with kissing.

Virtual RelationshipsEdit

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Being human, as explained throughout this wiki, we are in desperate need for affection. So desperate that many people look to the internet to find true love or perfect matches. Sites such as or EHarmony pride themselves on finding the perfect companions for people. The only problem with that is, what if they don't last. What if the "perfect match" sleeps weird, or eats weird, or is a bad kisser. In 2011,a company called Cloud Girlfriend invented a virtual girlfriend. A person that will be paid to post things onto the subscriber's Facebook page and tweet them as well. It is marketed as a long-distance relationship and the co-founder believes that is would help people grow in actual relationships. Maybe a site like this would purchase the Kissing Transmission device as a new feature.

Romantic RobotsEdit

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This is seen in the romantic portrayal of the operating system from the movie Her (2013).

The idea of romantic robots has taken everyone by storm with the 2013 movie, "Her". Now the artificial intelligence depicted in the movie Her was not a robot. It was a operating system that went by the name of Sam. The movie displayed the voice of Sam alone. The system started to receive romantic feelings toward her user, to the point that they became a couple in a relationship.The obvious problem with their relationship was that Sam wasn't able to become physical with her partner including send him a kiss.